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Sixty-six percent of paper and paperboard containers and packaging is recycled, including nearly 77 percent of all corrugated boxes.

Audit and optimize.

RiverRoad conducts formal waste stream audits for clients in partnership with our trusted service providers. The RiverRoad waste audit quantifies the amount and types of waste being generated by each facility. Audit information helps identify current waste practices and trends. This information is used to improve your waste management process and provides necessary detail for meeting various sustainability certification criteria.
RiverRoad performs audits on any type of waste at all types of businesses, including retail, commercial office, distribution, food service, hospitality and living facilities. Typically, RiverRoad audits will:

  • Identify composition and quantities of waste generated
  • Measure effectiveness of existing waste management systems
  • Identify opportunities for improving waste management systems and strategies
  • Collect baseline data for measuring the effectiveness of waste reduction strategies