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Disposal of waste to landfills has decreased from 89 percent of the amount generated in 1980 to 54 percent of waste generated in 2008.

Sustainability Squared.

Sustainability is more of a commitment to continuous improvement than a destination. All companies are embarking on a journey in the new century to help preserve the environment for future generations by creating sustainable business models from a natural resources perspective. However, the financial benefits inherent in smart sustainability strategies help companies build stronger businesses for stakeholders as well. These benefits include cost reduction opportunities, new revenue possibilities and brand image improvement. We help our clients identify and implement these strategies nationally across multiple locations and waste streams.

On the Road to Zero Waste

Aspiring to create a zero waste business can be extremely valuable in encouraging continuous improvement in your waste management operations. Actually reaching the destination is not as important as reaping the benefits developed along the way. We help you envision your company as a zero waste business and then explore practical opportunities for making that vision become reality. We look for innovation in waste diversion and recycling, while at the same time optimizing the most simple waste removal requirements for maximum benefit.

Landfills Are the Last Resort

Our primary goal in every solution is to eliminate the use of landfills whenever possible. This has an immediate impact on improving the environment and also reducing your costs. Through a complete life cycle analysis of materials used in your business, we can identify procurement strategies that ultimately eliminate waste before it ever enters the waste stream. Implementing reuse and recycling strategies to recover materials helps reduce world energy requirements and emissions while creating new revenue sources for your business. Our holistic approach to analyzing your waste streams opens a river of opportunities.

Energy Efficiency

To help customers reduce their third largest expense (utilities) and their carbon footprint, RiverRoad's sister company, FrontStreet Facility Solutions, Inc., has developed FS Green, an approach to facility maintenance and operations with the goal of increasing the life of products, reducing exposure to chemical and toxic substances, and reducing the cost to operate equipment. Visit FrontStreet's website to learn more.

Tracking Progress

On the road of continuous improvement, tracking progress is everything. Because we never actually reach the end of the journey, we need to make sure to measure where we have been in order to document successes and gained benefits. We first help establish a baseline for your waste management operations and then set realistic goals for achievement over the short-term and into the future. We focus on results and ensure we exceed expectations every step of the way.

Join us on the road to sustainability squared. For more information on our solutions or to access additional resources, please contact us.