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About 32 million tons of waste is combusted annually for energy recovery.

Keep your network humming.

Managing a vast service partner network can be a daunting task.  Handling the myriad needs of individual service requests, managing all contractual requirements, auditing service partner invoices, paying invoices on time and keeping up with out-of-scope requests can stretch even the most efficient team. 

That’s the value inherent in RiverRoad’s network management expertise. We manage all aspects of the service partner relationship so our clients can focus on what they do best. From initial procurement to negotiation of contract terms to invoice auditing to field delivery issues and final reporting, RiverRoad professionals, supported by advanced information technology, keep your network humming. 

We have developed a proprietary score carding system with defined metrics to track service provider performance across locations and time. This allows us to deliver consistent low-cost, best-in-class service. Service anomalies are quickly addressed by our customer service team.  “That’s not our problem” is something that you will never hear from us.