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Americans generate about 250 million tons of trash per year, recycling and composting 33%.

A new future for waste.

RiverRoad Waste Solutions Inc. is the nation's leading specialist in waste and recycling solutions. We make a new future for waste possible for our clients with an independent waste management approach supported by maximization of material diversion, continuous process optimization, information technology, strategic local vendor relationships and a clear commitment to service excellence. At the intersection of efficiency and environmental stewardship, RiverRoad delivers solutions that reduce cost while creating a solid platform for effective implementation of corporate sustainability initiatives.

We are waste diversion & recycling specialists.

As a truly independent waste services provider, RiverRoad is focused on helping our clients minimize their environmental impact while reducing cost. Our goal is to increase the diversion of waste from landfills. This is accomplished through the analysis of our clients' waste streams and a constant focus on understanding the technologies and facilities available for diverting waste materials.

We believe in continuous business process optimization.

Our passion for efficiency starts with our own business processes and extends to continuous optimization of our clients' waste management programs. Through waste stream analysis and hauler network optimization, we identify inefficiencies in the waste management process and deliver solutions for nationwide control. We never settle for anything less than best in class.

We are making significant investments in information technology.

Our myRoad™ system provides the visibility and business metrics required for performance monitoring and continuous improvement in waste management. We continue to support the myRoad™ web-based dashboard with significant ongoing investment in system functionality and usability.

We value local expertise at the point of service to ensure success.

Our nationwide network of local waste haulers and service providers is unrivaled in the industry. Our strategic vendor partnerships allow us to maintain close control over service quality in the communities we serve.

We are 100% committed to serving our clients 100% of the time.

The most important factor in our success is you. Our corporate culture is founded on the personal dedication of our associates to service excellence and our individual accountability for success. At RiverRoad, it is our personal responsibility to make a new future for waste possible every day.

Core Values

Core values are what help make up the identity and culture of our company. Core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that will change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person. These values act as our standards regarding how we make decisions, function as a team, solve problems and guide our interactions with every stakeholder.

Positive Attitude

Accountability to Clients and Each Other

Enthusiastic Customer Service

Passion for Results/Pride of Ownership

Adaptability/Willingness to Embrace Change

RiverRoad is a subsidiary of FrontStreet Management Group, which includes FrontStreet Facility Solutions Inc., a nationwide provider of single-source facility management solutions. FrontStreet Management Group offers added value to multi-site enterprises in infrastructure-intensive industries by delivering targeted facility management expertise backed by a consistent, process-driven approach to cost optimization. For more information, visit www.frontstgroup.com.