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RiverRoad has delivered waste and recycling savings of more than 20% annually.

Retail Banking

Since 2009, RiverRoad has worked with one of the largest banks in the United States on a comprehensive waste and recycling program for almost 2,000 retail banking branches and commercial office buildings. 


Getting a true handle on waste costs and managing costs effectively at local levels has long plagued the industry. Prior to selecting RiverRoad, our retail banking client was experiencing these same challenges. They employed multiple waste brokers to manage its waste services with mixed results. Service was inconsistent across the entire portfolio with high and rising costs year-over-year.

Additionally, the bank set aggressive goals for recycling, sustainability and MWDBE vendor participation and needed a partner that could support achievement of those goals.


RiverRoad’s team delivered immediate service level improvements by managing a network of independent haulers under contract. We rightsized each location to ensure appropriate services were provided across the enterprise. 

Recycling, composting programs, and consistent waste audits were implemented to assist the bank in meeting sustainability goals. 

RiverRoad tapped our extensive service provider network to ensure our client was utilizing minority haulers consistent with corporate goals.


RiverRoad has delivered waste and recycling savings of more than 20% annually since starting the project. Our program has consistently delivered. In fact, we were awarded the company’s entire portfolio in 2010.